Increase Twitter Followers: 10 Proven Ways

Here you will learn 10 quick ips and trick to increase Twitter followers quickly - Over the last couple of months I’ve become somewhat addicted to the world of tweeting and using Twitter in general. Whilst doing my small research into getting ideas for posts, I thought it would be cool to share with you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve been using to increase my Twitter followers.

If you’re relatively new to twitter like me, and not too clued up on how Twitter can help you grow your business and reach out to new audiences, then check out this post on How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business by Michael Stelzner over at CopyBlogger.

I’d also recommend reading 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for your Business by Chris Brogan, very useful post.

OK below I’ve outlined 10 simple tips and tricks that I’ve used or are using rather, to increase Twitter followers.  Some of these tips you may well be already using… but for you newbies, enjoy.

increase twitter followers

1. Place a big fat ‘Follow Me’ link icon in the header of your website or blog.

2. Place your Twitter URL on all your outgoing marketing emails. Check out our video on How to Create a Personal or Business Email Signature using WiseStamp Add-on for Firefox.

3. Add your Twitter URL on your business cards.

4. Add your Twitter URL to your YouTube videos in captions and end credits and in the description. You can also edit your YouTube profile and connect your Twitter account with your YouTube channel.

5. Use Twitter Karma to follow all who follows you and rid who fails to follow you. This is a very resourceful tool that has helped me successfully build over 2,000 Twitter followers fast.

6. Add your Twitter URL to your Facebook profile and your Facebook page. Again you can use the Facebook Twitter app to connect your Facebook profile to your Twitter account so that your tweets can be shared on your wall. This is a great way to increase Twitter followers, especially if you have lot’s of Facebook fans.

7. Add your Twitter URL to your LinkedIn profile. Once again LinkedIn has a app that allows you to share your latest tweets with your LinkedIn connections.

8. Use Google AdWords to advertise and promote your Twitter profile (If your budget allows)

9. Use Facebook Ads to advertise your Twitter profile, (Again if your budget allows)

10. Add your Twitter URL to your guest post bios.

So now you know how to increase Twitter followers, go get them. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above methods, and if you have any of your own you want to add, place them in the comment section below. Check out our other post on how to increase twitter followers for free – /2011/09/01/how-to-get-more-twitter-followers-3-free-strategies/

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