SEO Tips: Optimising Product Pages for Search Engines

SEO tips for your product pages – If you run an ecommerce business you’ll appreciate the importance of SEO for your product pages. It’s very easy to overlook this essential element of product promotion and instead concentrate all your efforts in the bigger areas of search engine optimising.

As well as doing SEO for the rest of your website, SEO can also bring lot’s of traffic to your products pages too. Many ecommerce webmasters as I say over look this simple ‘mini SEO’ element thinking that it is the home page that matters the most.

So let’s take a look a few things you can do to improve the SEO for your product pages.


Unique SEO Descriptive Content

Many product pages have a short description, but many product pages also have the same description repeated many times. This can cause problems with duplicate content issues. The best practice to do is to create a unique piece of descriptive content for each of your product pages.

If you can make each description minimum of 300 words long then that’s great as it is a great SEO benefit. If not don’t worry too much, just as long as you try and keep each product page description unique.

Alt Tags in Images

Alt tags are also another mini SEO tip that many people fail to pay close attention to. Ensure your product images have correct alt-tags with keywords as this can not only help rank your pages in the search engines but also in Google image search. It might be the smallest SEO adjustment you make that will have an edge over your competition.

Product Titles

Ensure that your product titles contain your product keywords.

Meta Title & Description

Meta titles and descriptions are also important for SEO, but you can also use Meta descriptions to create an eye catching description for users looking for your products and services via search.

Add Page to Sitemap

Don’t forget if you’re using XML Sitemap in Google to add your search engine optimized pages to your sitemap. If you don’t have one you can generate one using Google Webmaster tools.

Internal Links

Ensure that all your product pages are accessible with working links, links from your main product listing page, product menus, links from promotional pages, links from product marketing emails and newsletters and anywhere else on your website.

Well I hope you can make use of these mini tips for doing SEO for your product pages, remember as I keep saying that it might me the smallest SEO tweak that has the biggest impact on your products ranking higher than your competition in the search engines, enjoy.

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