Time Management Tip: Making Better Use Of Your Time Using A White Board

Time Management TipsTime Management and how it can be the Key Ingredient to your Online Success?

Hey do you have so much on your agenda that sometimes you don’t really know where to make a start? It doesn’t matter whether your office is at a work place or your place of home… Read on and I’ll share with you some tips and advice using one piece of simple technology that could make your life easier…

First of all head down to your local office supplies and buy yourself a trusty white board and some marker pens, or usually you can find a bargain on eBay. Then hang one of your wipe-able marker pens on it using a piece of string, and place your white board above your work desk or anywhere around the area in which you work, I know this sounds crazy but just bare with me.

OK now using your marker pen, split the white board into two sections – in the first section put ‘to do’ and the second section put ‘in progress’… Very easy.

Now every time you think of a task that needs completing just pop it in the first column, (the to do column), and when you start working on something move it across to the in progress column, but be sure to set yourself a completion date and add this to your item, so you know what your deadline is for the task.

This simple but extremely effective strategy will help you with ‘prioritizing’ because at the end of the day if you haven’t completed what you planned out to do, you’ve only got yourself to kick in the teeth. You are probably reading this thinking ‘this is crazy, it’s common knowledge to use a white board to organize your time’. If it really is common knowledge then why aren’t you doing it? Why are you wasting so much time jumping from task to task… Read on…

Time Management: Prioritizing

Now that we’ve dealt with the ‘time management’ lets now look at ‘prioritizing’. We all know what the word means but ask yourself… do you really prioritize, do you honestly look at a task and think how important is it to your business or do you prioritize as to what is easy. Always look at your tasks and think of the ‘end result’… at the end of the day its money in your pocket, time is money!

That’s why it’s so important so think about which tasks will have an impact on your bottom line, and simply make those top priority.

Organizing is not about knowing everything and planning everything, it is just about being in control. So as long as you are in control and you are aware and have everything in motion, you are effectively organized.

So get online or down to the store right now and buy that little white board and say hello to time management, organization and prioritizing.

Image courtesy of Photobucket user: Skalua