How To Blog On The Go: Tools & Apps For The Trade

Technology has given us the power to communicate on a level like never before; more over it has given us the ability to be flexible with our tasks; as in, what we do, when we do it and where we do it.

Take blogging for example, no longer do we feel the need to be restrained by a desk and a computer. No longer do we feel the need to carry with us a bulky laptop just so that we can update our blogs when we need to, check emails and network with our friends, amongst many other tasks.

No my friend, we can now do it all from the palm of our hands and from absolutely anywhere in the world at any given time. That’s the beauty of it all, blogging as a business can now offer us a greater sense of freedom to work from home.

In this post I’m going to share with you some useful tools and applications that will help you blog on the go.

How to Blog on the Go

Tools & Applications to help you Blog on the Go

1. The Humble Smartphone – lets start with one of the most greatest inventions of modern times, the humble Smartphone. Smartphone’s enable us not just to keep our blogging activities alive whilst on the move, but it also enables us to do much more than we ever imagined.

From a business stand point, you can run an online business from your Smartphone quite easily…

I personally use an iPhone, and to be absolutely honest with you folks, I could not live without one. How I ever managed without one before I’ll never know.

My iPhone allows me to update my blog, including taking photos for my blog posts, check emails, pay my guest writers through PayPal, stay connected and active on social sites, create video blog posts, make notes for future post ideas and much more.

If you use a Smartphone too, do let me know what you do with it as far as blogging activities go, whilst being on the go. Do you use your Smartphone to blog on the go?

2. The Tablet PC –what another awesome piece of technology, and one that has also enabled us to keep multitasking and connected whilst being on the go. With a much larger screen and when used in conjunction with a Bluetooth keyboard, it is the perfect companion to a Smartphone for mobile bloggers.

My iPad comes with me on almost all of my business trips and vacations. For me it’s another piece of technology I couldn’t see myself without.

10 Apps for helping you Blog on the Go

OK so we’ve looked at two pieces of revolutionary technology that has enabled us to blog on the go. I now want to share with you a list of awesome apps that will make your iPhone and your iPad even more powerful mobile blogging tools.

WordPress – An awesome app for the best blogging platform in the world, available for iPad and iPhone.

HootSuite – Helps you organize and schedule messages across your social sites, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Available for iPad and iPhone.

Blogsy – for iPad, helps you create content rich blog posts with ease. Available for iPad.

Evernote – Helps you create, organize, make notes and share everything across all your devices.

Pages – Perfect word processor for your iPad.

Flickr – Take photos and store in your Flickr for later or drop into your blog posts.

iMovie – Create and edit your videos to post on YouTube

Garageband – Create and edit your podcasts on the go

Spreaker Radio & Podcast Recorder – Exactly what it says on the tin… Available for iPhone.

Over to you…

What about you? Are you a mobile blogger? Let me know your favorite tools and apps you use for blogging on the go.

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  1. WordPress app is also available for Android devices. I think I would just share this considering Android is growing a lot lately.

    That, and also many other apps to help you with traffic statistics and more, even though not exactly to create a blog post.
    Servando Silva recently posted..Best WP ecommerce Themes for your e-StoreMy Profile

    • Hi Servando, thanks for stopping by and checking out the post, I apologize if it sounds bias but I do also use Android devices and will publish or update a post on tools and apps for blogging for android users shortly :) Have a great day mate.

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