Why Use Online Business Directories in your Marketing Campaign!

We’ve all been in this following scenario; the consumer who’s looking for a particular product or service online, and having typed in those few unique keywords or phrases into the search box, and have been greeted with either an individual business or directory website link that has lead us to make a purchase. So I ask you now, why wouldn’t you want to have your business listed in online business directories?

Business directories online presence has increased rapidly over the last few years, and we now have many various types to choose from, for example; business to business, business to consumer and even specific business sector directories. Many are free to register or list and this is where I’d recommend you to begin your campaigning. Decide on the type of directories is best suited to your product or service and work your way through the list you have made.

Results don’t come over night however in some cases even after a few days to a week, you can Google search your business name or title and you will start to see SMALL fruits of your labour. Flip through the first 20 or 30 pages even and you may come across your website or directory link.

Ok, it’s now time to take a look at what you’ve listed and start editing your listings with your site’s keywords and having a general tweak around to get the best possible search engine results. Do this once every 3 to 4 weeks so you analyze the impact of your efforts. As you work through your business directory marketing campaign you will also start to notice your own website ranking higher on your main keywords, as many business directories are search engine friendly. You will also start to see your directory listings appearing more frequently on your keyword search engine searches.

At this stage you may even look at placing listings on paid business directories. Many of them offer a paid subscription, in return giving you a featured placement above other listed businesses. I recommend you use Alexa to research a particular directory for the number of page impressions it receives and its general online ranking, doing this will ensure that you are listing your business in directories that will work well for you, and offer you a better advertising service for your money.

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