10 Ways To Get More Traffic From Twitter

Twitter is one of the most useful social media marketing tools that you can use to drive lots of targeted traffic to your website. Tweeting is a single activity on Twitter which allows you to share links and resources with your followers, if your followers find any of them useful; they’re more than likely to click on a link to find out more…

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But what can you do beyond this, to increase the chances of getting more traffic from Twitter?

In this post I’d like to share with you 10 ways to effectively increase web traffic from Twitter fast, so sit back and let’s get started.


Tip 1. Tweet Regularly

As I mentioned earlier, tweeting is the primary activity on Twitter. But how often do you tweet content from your site? One of the things I’ve started doing this month is tweeting posts from my blog more frequently. Tweeting frequently has helped me to identify in my analytical reports, the best times where traffic generated from Twitter is high, which brings us onto the next tip…


Tip 2. Tweet at Peak Times

Once you have identified the peak traffic times on your site generated from Twitter, you can then ensure that you tweet content and resources from your site more frequently at these peak times, ensuring you get the most traffic referral back to your site.


Tip 3. Use Targeted Hashtags

Using occasional hashtags in your tweets can help to group topics into keyword searches more effectively. For example if I’m tweeting a post about building an effective email marketing list I’ll often use #emailmarketing at the end of my tweet link.

When someone generally clicks on a hashtag, it will group all the latest tweets that’s using that particular hashtag or keyword, you can find out which hashtags are currently popular by using online tools such as TWUBS. It is also advisable that you don’t overuse hashtags in your tweets as you can sometimes trigger alarms of coming across as a spammer in doing so.


Tip 4. Use a Niche Keyword for Your Username

If possible consider using or adding a keyword in your username i.e. @TomsSEO, @AcmeAdvertising, @M4MBloggingTips etc.


Tip 5. Build Targeted Followers

Building targeted Twitter followers is essential and perhaps a more in-depth post for the future. But by simply having more followers that are actually interested in the types of content and resources you share on Twitter, can greatly help to increase and drive targeted traffic to your site.


Tip 6. Enter your Website Or Blog Address Into Your Profile

This is pretty self-explanatory and simple to do, but I’ve noticed people using this field to enter their affiliate links or other similar jargon. I don’t recommend this at all, as you really want to use this field to give users and potential followers an idea of the sort of content and resources you share on Twitter, so adding your site or blog address is essential.


Tip 7. Engage With Your Followers

Engaging with your followers results in several positive things, first of all it helps create a friendly and welcoming environment and also helps to attract others to come and follow your tweets.

So what is engaging on Twitter? It is responding to messages, thanking others for choosing to follow you, thanking others for sharing resources or links. Posting questions to your followers, asking for an opinion and generally communicating more on Twitter.

The relationship you build on Twitter will soon be apparent and those following you will want to also engage and interact with you on your site or blog even.


Tip 8. Follow Those Who Follow You

If someone decides to follow you on Twitter, they’re obviously interested in the kind of things you share in your Tweets, so ensure that you keep their best interest by following them back.


Tip 9. Use Text Logo or Catch Phrase Gravatars

A Gravatar is an avatar or icon used to identify Twitter users. Many businesses use either their company logo or facial images. I’d recommend however using an image perhaps of a text-logo or catch phrase to help others identify what your Twitter profile is about.

For example, and this is just an example; if your site is about giving photography tips and advice, you could render the image of a camera with the word ‘tips’ written underneath as your Gravatar. This instantly tells me that your tweets are generally about giving photography tips.


Tip 10. Comment on Blogs that allows you to Leave Twitter ID

Finally there is an abundant of blogs out there that allows you to leave your comment alongside your Twitter user ID. I’d strongly recommend creating a file in your browser and bookmarking some of these blog’s so when you go about to leave a comment you can also share your Twitter ID, it’s a great marketing tool and can attract lots of targeted followers.

Have Your Say…

These are just some of the methods I am currently implementing to help increase traffic from Twitter to my blog and my business website; but what about you? Are there any tips and suggestions that you wish to share with us? If so I’d love to read them in your comments below.

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  • http://www.blogplustweet.com/blog.html Matt Hayden

    As you say, engagement is really important. The more people get to know you and become sure that you have expertise in your area of interest, the more likely they are to click on the posts you tweet, as well as retweeting them.

    Speaking of which: retweeting others’ posts is a really good habit to get into. People really appreciate it, and often show their thanks by retweeting the posts that you share. If even a few of them do it occasionally for your blog posts, then this can add up to quite a few extra clicks over time.

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